Keeping Active – Senior Style

gardening_seniors A recent article on US News online listed the favorite leisure activities of seniors as reading, relaxing, lingering over meals, shopping, house and garden projects, working, volunteering, and sleeping. I am happy to report that all of those, and more,  can be found at John-Wesley Villas!
  • Reading - Our library is a favorite spot for residents. We have a lot of great books and our seniors love to share their favorites with each other. We also make frequent trips to our local library and bookstore.
  • Relaxing - We plan a lot of activities, but there is also plenty of time to sit, relax and share a laugh with a neighbor. Our common areas provide plenty of space for residents to gather.
  • Lingering over meals - Who doesn't enjoy a nice dinner and lively conversation? We provide three meals per day, and residents are encouraged to sit, relax and enjoy the socialization. We also have weekly gatherings and they ALWAYS include good food.
  • Shopping - Our limousine is always on the go and shopping is one of our favorite destinations! We also have vendors come in on a routine basis so we can shop from our doorstep. Christmas is especially busy.
  • House and Garden Projects - Pinterest Party anyone? Our activities directors are great about planning crafts like wreaths for the doors and arrangements for the dining tables. We also have a great landscaping team and they are always happy to help residents plant flowers on their back patio. One of the advantages of having ground-level apartments is that you can planters easier.
  • Working - Residents at John-Wesley Villas are very active in the community and we encourage them to stay busy. Because they are retired, they don't have to work, but many still enjoy the fulfillment that working part-time brings.
  • Volunteering - Seniors are great at volunteering, and we have some very busy retirees at John-Wesley.  They not only volunteer at nearby churches and ministries, but love helping out at our socials, etc.
  • Sleeping - Sure, our residents get plenty of sleep, but I wouldn't say it's their favorite past-time. There's too much going on that they don't want to miss!
In addition to the above, we also have opportunities to exercise, gather with family, enjoy church services, meet local authors and artists, watch movies together, etc. Being bored is not a problem at John-Wesley Villas. If you know a senior that could stand to be more active and involved, bring them for a tour! We'd love to include them in one of our many activities.