Seniors and the Internet

A new Pew study shows that for the first time, over half of Americans over 65 are online. The report goes on to say that, “34% of internet users age 65 and older use social networking sites such as Facebook.” seniorinternet This information is not surprising to our staff here at John-Wesley Villas. We’ve seen an increase in our internet and computer classes over the past few years, and our activity director has helped more than one resident get started on Facebook. While we still have residents using typewriters, the vast majority of them now use personal computers and Ipads for correspondence, and many are using Kindles or Nooks for their reading pleasure.   Having all of these technology-savvy residents has an added bonus, they let us know immediately if they “like” our Facebook posts!   Have you liked our page yet? You can find us here:    Source:  Macon